Player 1 Has Entered Back Into the Game

If you were not aware, I ran a blog about two years ago (Michelle’s Year Abroad Blog) to record my so-called “year abroad” in England, but that ended up failing after a few posts. Why? Life got in the way, well more like Netflix and laziness, but I consider that part of life so it is a valid excuse.

So why am I starting up again? A little push from a friend. The other day I received a hand written letter through the mail (yes, she used such ancient forms of IMG_7965communication) from a friend, lets just say it may or may not be the friend I first made in England when she randomly yelled out my name from a window the first night I arrived, tired and exhausted and pretty sure no one, but the UEA administration knew of my name. Anyway, I received a letter from this friend who really encouraged me to give writing another go. After having to write academically for my masters, I felt  literally stripped of my writing confidence because, I will admit, my academic writing ability is like watching an old dog trying to hop on the sofa. You stare intensely at the sofa, planning your every move, then when the moment comes to jump up you jump with all your old dog strength and barely make it, hitting your face on the ground. You try again. Hitting your face once more. After a few more tries you decide hmm maybe it would be better to just sleep on the ground instead. That is what my writing experience is like in general. I mean I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my overall writing ability to beginwith, but now I am like whatever might as well do this blog for me and my sanity and possibly bless the world with my train of thoughts again. If it does not go anywhere fine, but at least my old dog mind will sleep in peace on the soft comfortable carpet floor.

A little update on life since previous blog. This time two years ago I was planning my trip to the United Kingdom (and also waiting in deep anticipation for the UK student visa that seemed to be taking its sweet time to get its butt to me). The original plan was to study just for the year and be open to all the job possibilities in England. Looking back at that plan now I laugh. How naive I was to think finding a job was ever going to be easy especially when you are not a native from the country. Oh younger ambitious Michelle, but hey I am still here so something must have worked (marrying an English man)!

I am currently working part time at an after school club, volunteering with the Norwich Castle and the Library, and in my spare time I think of Burlesque routines for the few shows a year I force my nerves to go through. I graduated with a Masters (little has that done for me in the real world). Oh! I think the most crucial thing that happened within the two years was my marriage to an English man. AN ENGLISH MAN! Sorry I have to remind the England dreaming high school version of myself. Sometimes it is hard for her to adjust to the fact that she is now living in England with a man, an English man! But more of that later.  

I can’t tell you all the stories that I have accumulated over the years because honestly that would be boring for you the reader and quite frankly I am too lazy and forgetful to type it all down. So little posts in this blog along the way are better. Also in this new blog page you might see a few art pieces, some rants about TV shows, pieces of my stories that I am working on, or just photos that I feel need sharing to the world. I really want to make something out of this blog this time around. So I shall be hitting the refresh button, and starting over in this new frontier world of blogging.0X5A7361


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