NorCon Pictures

So a little break from Chris’s and mine love story nonsense due to this week being fairly busy. Besides prepping for two performances at a UEA Burlesque show, which happened on Tuesday, (I may post pictures of that depending on how weird I look gorging myself with a chocolate cake. Long story) I also visited Nor Con, a tv and comic convention in Norfolk. Both the show and convention required mental preparation and pushed my body and anxiety issues to the max so no writing got done. In a future blog I plan to discuss such problems but now is not the time. Now is the time for a few pictures from the convention and relishing in the fact that I cosplayed and exposed myself in tights and a leotard as Elastic Girl from the Pixar movie The Incredibles on a very windy and cold English afternoon. Also I wanted to show how happy I am with the art I bought from Carolyn Edwards Art and Little Images. Internet I present to you Michelle as Elastic Girl.


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