Burlesque Freshers Show Pictures (WARNING: Lingerie and me crying)

So last post I mentioned I may post photos from the last UEA Burlesque show that happened Tuesday, the 3rd of October depending on how they turned out. They turned out really good except my face just turned into wonderful weirdness in some photos…my face is not a model’s face and it does not function like one. For people who don’t know me so well pulling off sexy is not usually my thing. So I tend to go for the funny or the ridiculous.

Madame Rouge (my stage persona) did two performances that night, one smashing a cake in her face and the other as Frank N Furter. Both routines I have done in the past, but because of good reviews (and because they are just fun) I decided to do them again for the UEA Freshers Show. So without further adieu here is the two performances with a little narration included by yours truly with them. Also, don’t go any further if you get offended by lingerie or chubby ladies (aka me).

  1. “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen (Google it if you are unfortunate not to have ever heard of it).  I am lip singing to a cheap chocolate cake because I’ve got Hungry Eeeeyyyees.
I am imagining what the Chocolate Cake taste like that is next to me.
The face you make when someone gives you a “F”ing carrot instead! Thanks, but no thanks Ms. Bobbie Derriere!


“I need you to see! This love was meant to be!”

The scene of the crime and regret.


2. “Sweet Transvestite” by Tim Curry aka Frank N Furter (Definitely google). One of my favourite characters of all time. Although, I forgot at home his pearl necklace and the darn Ebay temporary tattoos I bought of the tattoo he has on his arm failed to stay on. I assume they knew I was an imposter.

“How do you do, I see you’ve met
My faithful handyman”
“Why don’t you stay for the night? Or maybe a bite?”
“I’ve been making a man, with blonde hair and a tan. And he good for relieving my…..tension.”
“So I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom!”

THE END of the photos. That’s it. It is done. A big thank you to Lady Cleo and Bobbie Derriere and the whole UEA Burlesque Society. You guys are truly amazing!


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